Media is building more walls than bridges.

Former Information and Broadcast minister, Manish Tewari, participated in a public conversation program on the theme “Media Diplomacy: Challenging the Indo-Pak Narrative” organized by the Atlantic Council in Washington D.C. During his interaction with the audience, he shared his views about the importance of media and how it can play a significant role in building a better relationship between India and Pakistan.

He said that media of both the nations aren’t working responsibly and most of their narratives highlight the negatives of their respective neighbor.

He said that, “India and Pakistan have shared a very strenuous relationship since 1947. Both nations share the baggage of partition, have had 4 wars, hence there is a very fertile field of hatred for each other. People, who possibly are looking for negative narratives can easily tap into this zone.  Therefore, to say that media has played a corrosive role and is responsible for the state of play between India and Pakistan is imbecile and childish to say the least.”

He also added that, “media can play a positive role by not supporting these negatives. Media diplomacy and effort of media on both the side of the border by building a counter-narrative can help in moderating the relationship.”

During our activism, Voice of Ram has followed news related to India and Pakistan through the help of volunteers in both nations. The narrative of same story changes on either side of the border. Every ceasefire violation is shown as initiated by India in Pakistan and by Pakistan in India. The truth remains hidden from the citizens of both the nations.

Not just defence related activities, media has also played a very irresponsible role in shaping a wrong image of each other’s society. Indian media shows Pakistan as hell for Hindu minority and Pakistani media pictures India in a similar manner for Muslim minorities. Take the recent example of ‘Rafiuddin Shaikh/Naveed Pathan murder case’ where Pakistani media didn’t leave any stone unturned to create a false image of India. Indian media has done it many times too.

We are happy to see that at least one politician is vocal about the fact that media is building more walls than bridges.

We again urge our readers to look at every hate news or media outlet with suspicion. They are led by businessmen who are interested only in building TRPs and filling up their pockets by controlling your thoughts.

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  1. “We again urge our readers to look at every hate news or media outlet with suspicion” what a very eloquent bit of wisdom it resonates here in America as well. I stumbled upon this site by accident because I am nervous about a new job, scared for my country, and can’t sleep. This site is such an inspiring place, and I am so blessed to have found it. Thank you writers, artists, and all involved for making this such a special space that encourages peace.