When Gurmehar Kaur, daughter of a Kargil martyr and a Voice Of Ram volunteer, changed her profile picture to express her dissent against ABVP-initiated violence at Ramjas College, she did not think that our campaign would spark a nationwide movement.

ABVP, a student body affiliated with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), is at the receiving end of the collective angst of students from Delhi University because they beat up and threatened protesters at Ramjas college recently.

“Everyone is aware of how ABVP people behave and the beating up of protestors was not surprising but what disturbed me and other girls in my college is that ABVP goons threatened female protestors with rape… that is absolutely wrong! That is unacceptable!” quips Gurmehar Kaur.

Girls from every corner of India are participating in the campaign initiated by Voice Of Ram volunteer Gurmehar Kaur!

Though she did not initiate this campaign as a call for women to rise up but it began to resonate more with girls from every university.

“This movement was started by a young girl when everyone was afraid to speak out because they feared political repercussion and a violent backlash from goons. What Gurmehar did is remarkably brave and inspiring. I see this photo-change campaign as a tool to end political hooliganism, by all parties, in colleges across India.” says Kawalpreet Kaur, a prominent student leader, who has also joined the #StudentsAgainstABVP profile picture campaign.

“We are not afraid” “We are not alone” “We are together” say women from colleges across India.

Kawalpreet’s profile picture has gone viral from her page and has amplified the cause of students who are pro free-speech and against violence on campus. She, along with Gurmehar and other student leaders, are planning a peaceful protest on 28th February at 12:30 pm. The protest will begin from Khalsa College in DU North Campus.

“I am requesting all young men and women, from every college in India, to join this campaign on social media like I have. This is not just about ABVP anymore, it is larger than our current problems with them. We, regular, common students, need to unite and send a message to every political party that wants to influence educational institutions with threats of violence and hate. If you are student in Delhi then do join the protest, it’s important for our future… It’s only in India where hate politics seeps into educational institutions, in such an ugly, violent, disgraceful manner and we will end it on Tuesday.” says a determined Kawalpreet Kaur.

-Team Voice of Ram

(We Incubate Change)

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  1. Hey Ram. I was following the tweets reg. Gurmehar and saw your tweets. It is sad to see encouraging words being drowned by intolerance and hate. If you are in touch with Gurmehar, please let her know, that many in the nation respect and are forever grateful to her and her family for the many sacrifices they have made , and that her opinions , her values as a student, as a woman and as an Indian are respected.
    Keep up the great work of standing up for what is right.