Written by Stuti Jain

While India and Pakistan have bled over numerous differences since 1947, past few weeks showed us that both nations share a common stupidity when it comes to identifying real issues.

On 31st August 2017, the financial capital of Pakistan, Karachi, faced floods due to heavy rainfall. This was just 2 days after the financial capital of India, Mumbai, suffered the same fate.

Around 50 people died due to electrocution and infrastructure failure in both cities. If we go by the words of locals and news reports, the major reason behind the floods was not the rain but shoddy governance by local civic bodies.

In spite of being the financial capital of their respective countries both cities, clearly, have questionable drainage systems. Few hours of heavy rains is too much for both cities to handle. If this is what the best cities in India and Pakistan are going through then you can imagine what villages are going through.

India and Pakistan invest a lot of money to fight each other. The citizens of both the sides of the border are ‘conditioned’ to believe that this expensive hatred is necessary for staying alive.

The families of those 50 people, who died during floods, will beg to differ if they could too connect the tiny dots of truth to each other.

-Stuti Jain

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