Please allow 80 plus year old people to visit friends and family across the border.-Organizers

People from various parts of Punjab gathered in Ludhiana on 4th September to attend a unique prayer meet, where they sought for forgiveness for ‘people killing their own people’ during partition.

This open-for-all meet was organized by a group of residents. No one was formally invited. Facebook turned out as a major tool to spread the word across the state. An introduction to the meeting said that ‘all those people should join who feel that their ancestors did wrong by killing their own people and now they would like to apologize on their behalf. Let us make a new beginning’.

People pondered over the fact that “politicians alone cannot be blamed for the partition and massacre of people from both sides of the border, our own people killed our own people forgetting what humanity is.”

The meet started with Ardaas (sikh prayer) and ended with a Dua (islamic prayer) seeking forgiveness from the families of those who were killed during India-Pakistan partition.

One of the demands raised by the gathering was that governments of India and Pakistan should allow 80-plus people in both countries to revisit their ancestral villages without any

Old man looks on a picture of partition displayed during the “70 years of independence” at Punjabi Bhawan Ludhiana.

restrictions. One of the organizers said “They are in the last phase of their life and some won’t be able to die in peace. Their only wish is to meet their friends or families in India or Pakistan. Governments should facilitate their movement across border. Another resolution passed was that the rivers flowing through Punjab (of India and Pakistan both) should not be diverted unnaturally. Let us not spread enmity to waters and preserve what undivided Punjab had.”

We salute the people of Punjab who took this moment to introspect and took an initiative to improve the ties on India with its neighbor.

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